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Keller’s Bakery Downtown 
1012 Jefferson St. 
Lafayette, LA 70501

Dear Valued Customer:
As we kick off the 2023 Mardi Gras season on January 6, we will encounter a few changes within our traditional King Cake season.

In recent negotiations with our shipping carrier, UPS, we were informed that they could not guarantee overnight shipping this year.  Keller’s Bakery has always valued the quality of its products and would only want our customers to receive and enjoy our King Cakes with the utmost freshness.  With that being said, we unfortunately will not be shipping our King Cakes this season.  We regret having to make this decision, however, we are and have always been committed to carrying on the Keller’s tradition of only providing a fresh, five star product.

If by chance you would choose to ship a Keller’s King Cake yourself, we would be more than happy to shrink wrap your King Cake in preparation for shipping.  Our King Cake boards are the small (10 x 14) and the medium (12 x 16).

We thank you again for your loyal support of Keller’s Bakery Downtown.  May God keep you and your family safe and blessed with good health as we move forward into the New Year.



Kenneth G. Keller
Keller’s Bakery Downtown

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